M Performance steering wl II w/o display BMW F30  320i N20 Sedan
 011 pcs.

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For vehicles with
без S710A M leather steering wheel
Important notice!
For vehicles with a basic steering
On vehicles equipped with the standard
steering wheel or Sport steering wheel,
wheel or sports steering wheel the
airbag module and the vehicle-specific
the airbag module and any optional
components (MF buttons, connecting
optional equipment parts (MF buttons,
connecting line, vibration generator
wiring, vibration generator and
and electronics module) must be ordered
electronics module) on the specific
to match an M sports steering wheel
vehicle must also be ordered and
(SA710 new design) and exchanged.
32 30 2 230 188 Steering wheel part BMW
Steering wheel
 021 pcs.

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32 30 2 231 982 Cover, steering wheel, Alcantara/Carbon part BMW
Cover, steering wheel, Alcantara/Carbon